Five tips to keep your dogs and cats calm this fireworks season

This weekend sees many firework events and parties happen across Brackley and the surrounding areas.

I quite enjoy it although not everyone likes the noise and fireworks the events are accompanied by.

For pets the fireworks season isn’t much fun at all. It can be seriously stressful for them.

At Davies & Partners we love pets as well as properties and that’s why we’ve come up with this little guide for local pet owners.

Loud bangs, fizzing fireworks and unexpected crackling sounds can all be a big shock to your furry friends.

It might seem this is all beyond your control but you can take some simple steps to try to make your pet’s life a little calmer this time of year.

Here are some easy to follow tips we’ve found for you:

1) Create an inviting den – dogs and cats feel more confident if they have a safe ‘hiding place’ to retreat to.

2) If your pet already has one make it extra comfy and warm.

3) Put a blanket or duvet over the den to muffle the sound of fireworks.

4) Give your pets some extra treats and chews while they are in the den because then they’ll associate it with things they like.

5) Consider using an Adaptil, or similar brand, diffuser which can in some circumstances help pets to remain calm.

Remember this can be a very insecure time for your pet so give him or her plenty of extra attention and love.

Thanks for reading and have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night!

Alex Britchfield | Partner | Davies & Partners 

01280 702867