Over the last two years Covid restrictions and laws governed how people lived their lives. Calls to work from home have had a huge impact on both the sales and lettings market with many people moving further out in search of homes with larger gardens and space for a home office. Whilst many restrictions are now a thing of the past, it seems that some of the driving forces behind market trends will likely continue. 

A return to work?

Alex Britchfield, Partner at Davies & Partners, says: 

“The loosening of restrictions is a welcome relief to people up and down country. The idea of returning to the office will be beneficial to many, but there is a real attraction for others to work from home. People have become used to not commuting, being able to spend more quality time with family and, without doubt in most cases, being more productive. Companies are taking advantage of reduced office costs and a more flexible workforce. It won’t work for everyone of course, but if it does you will need space!

The race for space

Royston Williams, Partner at Davies & Partners, comments: 

“Houses with good outside space, and those with outbuildings in the garden are in high demand. The property market in Brackley has been strong throughout the pandemic, with people wanting to upsize within the town, or relocate to the town from more urban areas. The closeness of Bicester and Banbury with convenient links into London, make Brackley a superb place to live. People can still commute comfortably, but also be able to afford that essential extra space for the days that they work from home.”


Like the rest of the country, Brackley has experienced an increase in property prices. Knowing what you can afford to borrow is essential.

Thomas Honour, founder and owner of Thomas Honour Mortgage Services, says: 

There is nothing worse than finding your dream home only to be told you cannot afford the mortgage required in order to buy it. That’s why I always recommend you get “Mortgage Ready” before you start viewing properties. This way you will have an accurate budget and the reassurance that a mortgage will be forthcoming should your offer be accepted. Having your mortgage in order will also show the vendor and agent that you are a credible buyer which is crucial to help you stand out from other interested buyers in the current market.”

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