Tenant Advice: Can I redecorate my rented property?

Traditionally rented property colour schemes tend to be neutral with the majority consisting of off white walls and woodwork. However, there are occasions where a tenant might want to add their own colours, especially so where they have lived in the property for a number of years or have younger children. Whilst this doesn’t sound unreasonable what is the best approach in dealing with the request?



The first thing a tenant must do before undertaking any decoration work is to ask the agent. A landlord is not obliged to agree to the changes but in all likelihood a compromise can be reached. Indeed, in some cases the property might well be improved, although what might be one persons’ improvement might prove unpalatable to another!

In most cases a landlord will approve a change in colour providing they are able to see the colour scheme proposed first, that the work will be done in a ‘workman like manner’ and that the room will be returned to the same neutral colour scheme as at the start of tenancy by the tenants before they leave.

If you are a tenant never assume that the changes can be made without the landlords consent, or that it will be ok to seek permission after the work has been carried out. In addition, if a tenant causes any damage to the property whilst carrying out the work then they will be responsible for putting it right at their own expense.

Any agreement reached must be put in writing to protect both parties. The best possible advice to a tenant is to ask first.


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Alex Britchfield | Partner | Davies & Partners