What do Wimbledon and good estate agents have in common?

Tennis reminds us of a very important aspect of estate agency work.


The rallies which can go on for ages depending on how good the players are have a hint of negotiation about them.


The back and forth nature of the ball whizzing over the net can be like dealing with offers and other enquiries from potential buyers and their vendors.


To keep the rallies/negotiations going takes skill, experience, enthusiasm and energy.


One piece of advice I’ve shared before to people making an offer on a property they genuinely like is not to go in ridiculously low. This often makes the person on the other side of the net annoyed and can really hinder any future negotiating.


You’ll have the vendor screaming ‘You cannot be serious!’ in true John McEnroe style!


The best type of property negotiations (unlike tennis rallies) end with a win-win situation for both ‘players.’


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Alex Britchfield | Partner | Davies & Partners 

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